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Strategy of Innovation

Knowledge + Imagination + Entrepreneurship = Innovation = The key to guarantee our common future!

A problem in your organization/company ?...Why not try Creative Problem Solving !

This sathurday 17th of January 2009, I was invited by Olwen Wolfe to the 3th Worlding's Day (http://www.worlding.com/ ). Olwen is an expert in Creative Problem Solving, and with her team, they provide consulting services in the field of management of creativity in organizations that need to innovate.

During the Worlding's Day, I discovered how a methodology of Creative Problem Solving can be used to build a very efficent team to achieve a commun goal.
First, we started by a networking session to meet each others, then, Olwen asked us to choose between 5 different options of qualities. We formed "mixed" teams, and each team contained at least one person with one of the specific qualities. Then, Olwen presented the problem to solve.
The problem was to build an object, the same for everybody, a hat !

We had limits to respect:

  • Originality
  • To write an instruction letter to build the hat
  • Reproducibility by other teams
  • Same limited ressources for each teams
  • Time-limited

After, several minutes of brainstorming and work, my team created and built an original object, and we wrote the instruction letter ! Then, we gave the letter to an other team, and inversely, we received the letter from an other team. Note that each team had not seen the object of others. So, we tryed to build the hat of an other team with only the instruction letter. After several minutes, Olwen stopped the exercice, and we compared our hat to its original model.

The result was very impressive ! Every teams had not only created a very fun and original hat, but they were clearly able to reproduce the hat of the others only with an instruction letter !

I hope to have explained in a good words this amazing experience....You have to try !

Many many thanks to Olwen and her team for this great day !!! I learned a lot !!!

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