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Strategy of Innovation

Knowledge + Imagination + Entrepreneurship = Innovation = The key to guarantee our common future!

Is creating an "Innovation Manager" function will help innovation?

In the 70’s, it was not impossible to buy a car with a default. Gradually the importance of quality was recognized and a wave changed the company scenery. Since then a new group inside the company was created called’ the quality department’.

Do you believe that the same should be done with innovation? Do you think that creating a function of Innovation Manager – a person that has the hierarchical power to innovate inside with company with sufficient backup and means- would increase the innovation inside the company?

Why in some firm/organization, even in high-tech field, innovations are rejected? By CEO and Top managers elaborate strategy ? Non, by the employees!

Innovation management, if it's done correctly, by favoring a “culture of innovation” inside the firm, will much more influence the psychological acceptation of organizational changes caused by “recurring” innovations rather than the genesis of innovation itself.

An important point is that each innovation process bring not only a new product or service, but also new knowledges in many fields. These knowledges are a "capital" to be preserved and to inject into the future innovation processes, but this is another history called Knowledge management (should we create a KM manager position or is it the job of the innovation manager?).

The goal of innovation/knowledge management is at least to enhance "reactivity" of the firm.

Is creating an "Innovation Manager" function will help innovation?

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