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Strategy of Innovation

Knowledge + Imagination + Entrepreneurship = Innovation = The key to guarantee our common future!

A Must Read Book: Chinnovation

The ascent of Asia has introduced new avenues for entrepreneurship, especially China. Innovation has been a much-vaunted topic by many Asian governments; however, there is scant literature focusing on innovation in China.

Is there innovation in China? What are the examples of innovation in Chinese companies? What is the path that an innovative Chinese private-owned enterprise take?  What are the experiences, capabilities that these innovative companies acquire? What is the DNA of these companies? How do these companies experiment with innovative approaches and also manage the risk of innovation? What are the lessons learnt and how would these entrepreneurial innovators advise others who are embarking on the same journey. The book also has implications for foreign firms. China's rapid economic growth has made it a vital market. Yet those corporations face their toughest competition not from other multinationals, but from China's own homegrown businesses, which the book shows to be more nimble and innovative than their foreign counterparts. 

Chinnovation: How Chinese Innovators Are Changing The World uncovers the common threads with frameworks and probing questions as Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship expand its reach in the world. This is not a book on current best practices, but rather, it distills the truth from the myth, drawing from the journeys of innovative Chinese companies.

The author has interviewed 25 China CEOs and Venture Capitalists.


About the author:

Dr. Yinglan Tan



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