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A Scientist-to-Scientist (StoS) OutSourcing Web Platform !

I would like to present a very interesting web site based on a simple idea, but a very useful one:

Science Exchange



Science Exchange is an online CtoC marketplace for outsourcing scientific experiments, from academic scientists to academic scientists (StoS). The goal is to make it easier for researchers to access core resources across institutions. Currently, the natural audience of Science Exchange is academic researchers, but the service will interest for sure researchers and engineers of companies having R&D activities, or even companies wishing to solve a problem with the help and support of academic scientists.


For example:

A scientist should perform an experiment to finish an article before submitting it to peer-reviewed journals, but he/she is not competent in a particular technique needed for the experiment, or the technology is not available in his/her lab, or just he/she has an urgent deadline.  

He/she is looking to outsource the experiment to other scientists at core facilities of major research universities who have the capacity to conduct the experiment. 

After registering in Science Exchange, the scientist can easily propose a proposal, and his peers can offer their services.


Here the screanshot after clicking on the "Find Projects" button:



Here the proposal details of a scientist who wishes to outsource an experiment. You can access to his profile and see where he's working (in which lab, and what is his position), you can ask him a question, and you can also send by email the proposal to scientits that could be interested by the task (by clicking on the "Promote This Proposal" button).    




The co-founder and CEO of Science Exchange is Dr. Elizabeth Iorns, Cancer biologist researcher and Assistant-Professor at the University of Miami:



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