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Strategy of Innovation

Knowledge + Imagination + Entrepreneurship = Innovation = The key to guarantee our common future!

Sophia Conseil, A Leader Company Of The French Riviera !

SOPHIA CONSEIL http://www.sophiaconseil.fr




1200edcThis year the star of the French innovative companies is “Sophia Conseil”.

Founded in 2005 in Sophia-Antipolis (South-East of France - French Riviera-), Sophia Conseil has grown 1,124% in just five years and presents an Income (Turn-over) of 7.5 Million Euros at 2010! A performance that earned him at the 27th position in the Technology Fast 50 in 2010 from Deloitte, which recognizes the fifty French companies specialized in new technologies that have experienced the strongest growth.

Vincent David, 35 yo, the CEO of Sophia Conseil says: "First, we sell Engineering consulting and outsourcing like our competitors, but also Innovation. Today 30% of the CAC40 big companies are our customers”.

Currently Sophia Conseil has 120 employees, and hundreds of additional people will be hired in 2011 to reinforce the R&D department. 


Sophia Conseil” is an Engineering and Innovation consulting company, like no other!

What could explain the success of Sophia Conseil in a world where large consulting firms monopolize the market for engineering consultancy and outsourcing of talents?

Part of the answer is in the presentation of Sophia Conseil: "Engineering And Innovation!

Indeed, Sophia Conseil is not a simple outsourcing firm of high-level technical skills. Sophia Conseil has its own research department! Therefore, Sophia Conseil realizes in its premises or at its customers, Applied Scientific Research, Engineering studies and Experimental Development. Thus, the customers can be completely supported by Sophia Conseil to implement their innovation strategy.

Another peculiarity, Sophia Conseil can operate in most of the industrial fields (Aeronautics, Automobile, Military equipment, Space technology, Optics, Telecommunication, Energy-Nuclear-Oil&Gas, Rail and Train, Shipbuilding, Semiconductor, Finance-Bank-Insurance algorithms, Electronics and Hardware, Software, Pharmaceuticals … ). Sophia Conseil is highly experimented with complex projects management and long-lasting missions (expert in management of multidisciplinary teams).

Sophia Conseil hires only the bests, indeed his consultants are all educated at the bests engineering schools or hold PhD in science.

And the best for last, like Google, Sophia Conseil allows its consultants to develop their ideas (Innovation by Intrapreneurship). Indeed, Sophia Conseil encourages its Consultants in this process and assists them in its business incubator by providing all the necessary expertise and support in Strategy, Management, Marketing, Business Development, and Industrial Property.

Several projects are currently in incubation, and several patents have been filed. These projects will be promoted either through the granting of license to industry or through the creation of spin-off companies. In short, the well-being of ultra-trained consultants is fully insured in such an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation and value creation!

To conclude, the tremendous achievement of Sophia Conseil, a leading economic of the French Riviera, the most innovative and entrepreneurial territory in France, is not the result of luck. Indeed, as always behind a business success, there is the vision, tenacity, charisma and leadership of a brilliant entrepreneur, Vincent DAVID:

 LinkedIn profil of Vincent DAVID 


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