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Strategy of Innovation

Knowledge + Imagination + Entrepreneurship = Innovation = The key to guarantee our common future!

25/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

Choose the Best Home DNA Tests for you | DNA Testing Choice

The TripAdvisor for personal DNA testing => DNATestingChoice.com is a news and reviews site of companies offering...

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24/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

First demonstration of a self-powered cardiac pacemaker

www.sciencedaily.com A self-powered artificial cardiac pacemaker that is operated semi-permanently by a flexible...

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19/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

Breathalyzer test may detect deadliest cancer

www.sciencedaily.com Lung cancer causes more deaths in the US than the next three most common cancers combined....

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17/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

Bacteria evade human immune system with a burst of mutations during initial infection

www.sciencedaily.com Bacteria that cause ulcers launch a burst of mutations during the initial stages of infection,...

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17/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

Bionic pancreas controls blood sugar levels in adults, adolescents with type 1 diabetes

www.sciencedaily.com The latest version of a bionic pancreas device has been successfully tested in two five-day...

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11/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

Human stem cells used to create light-sensitive retina in a dish

www.sciencedaily.com Using a type of human stem cell, researchers say they have created a three-dimensional complement...

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07/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

Dylan's Desk: Watch this multi-billion-dollar industry evaporate overnight

venturebeat.com Imagine an industry where a few companies make billions of dollars by exerting strict control over...

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05/06/2014 Publié depuis Twitter

Le « storytelling », ou l'art de susciter...

Le « storytelling », ou l'art de susciter l'adhésion http://t.co/Mlr40tXkjk via @LesEchos @dangelstory Ari Massoudi...

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04/06/2014 Publié depuis Facebook

Human stem cells successfully transplanted, grown in pigs

www.sciencedaily.com A new line of genetically modified pigs will host transplanted cells without the risk of rejection,...

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03/06/2014 Publié depuis Twitter

Brain May be Able to Repair Itself from Within:...

Brain May be Able to Repair Itself from Within: http://t.co/zm80axOrNU Ari Massoudi (@arimassoudi) June 03, 2014 Researchers...

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