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Strategy of Innovation

Knowledge + Imagination + Entrepreneurship = Innovation = The key to guarantee our common future!

Crowd Funding Websites & Websites to Find & Connect with Angel Investors and Venture Capital-Private Equity firms

CrowdFunding Internet Platforms



If you do not see your platform,  indicate me your website with a short pitch indicating your type of crowd funding, your theme and where in the world you are located (the owner of the platform)

CrowdFunding = Raising money online by soliciting small amounts from many (the crowd) instead of a wealthy few

 These articles will help you to understand what Crowd Funding is about:

- 1/2: Types of Crowd Funding: Ways Entrepreneurs Can Face the Investment Crisis http://goo.gl/xcBWX (Eng)
- 2/2: How to Invest Using a Crowd Funding Website http://goo.gl/LlSjq (Eng)
- French version of articles 1 and 2: http://goo.gl/k6gKa (Fr)        
- Examples of CrowdFunding for big projects: http://0z.fr/My1Lx (Eng)
- Examples of biotech startups funded by Equity-based Crowdfunding/Micro-investing: http://0z.fr/mmhYW (Eng)


Types of Crowdfunding



1- Donation/Reward-based Crowdfunding: your fans donate to your project in exchange of rewards (thanks, exclusive news, gifts, goodies, coupons, ... everything but not money)



2- P2P-Lending: Peer to peer money lending and borrowing


3- Crowd Co-Production:

a) Revenue Sharing (Royalties): your fans bet on your project/company and get royalties on future revenues

b) Pre-Sales: your fans support your project by pre-ordering (pre-sales) your "future" product

c) your fans support your project and offer them a coupon on your (future) products (this last one is in fact based on the Donation vs Reward model)


4- Equity-based Crowdfunding: Micro-Investing in the equity of a privately-held company / Raise funds by selling shares of your company (like classic Angel & VC investing which are a [one-to-one or one-to-few + offline closing deal] process / The equity-based CF process is a [one-to-many + online closing deal] process) // The Return Of Investment will be done by the trade of shares (capital gain) or by the payments of dividends based on the benefits performed by the investee company.


1, 2 and 3 can be used by individuals or organizations including companies, for profit or non-profit projects

4 can only be used by incorporated companies


Note: The country symbol (US, FR, ...) indicates where are located the founders and their company providing the website platform. Some could have a global audience, others target only people of their country.  

You can download the below list in a pdf file. Jump at the end of this page, and click on the link "List of crowd funding websites and much more", you will be directed to my Slideshare account where you can freely download the file (you need to create an account on Slideshare).

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