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Strategy of Innovation

Knowledge + Imagination + Entrepreneurship = Innovation = The key to guarantee our common future!

What I Can Do For You

My consulting activities focus on Strategy and Management of Innovation:


=> For Start-ups & SMEs (incorporated in France) and Academic labs:

- Strategic study and advice in Business Plan, Strategic Marketing and Business Model, Porter, SWOT & PEST analysis, connecting to Angel Investors, Venture Capital/Private Equity firms or Hedge Funds.

- Administrative Management for application to the public subsidies/grants and R&D-Tax Credit.

- Strategic study and advice & Management of Crowd Funding, dedicated for special Events or Projects (also suitable for Non-Profit Organisations) 

- Support the company to innovate with an appropriate R&D outsourcing strategy with the best Engineering Consulting firms, or with academic laboratories partnership

- Planing and Management of technology-transfer from the academic laboratoires to the company

- Ensure the transformation of the invention / creation to its ultimate commercialization; identify potential markets, assist in positioning strategy

- Foundation and Management of Business Accelerator/Incubator for Higher-Education Organization (Business School, Engineering School, College, University) 

=> For Angel Investors, Venture Capital/Private Equity firms, Familly-Offices, Wealth Management firms or Hedge Funds:

- As Pro-Active Scout, I can search and select the best of the French innovative privately-held companies, in any fields, by carefully analyzing their Business Plan:

Management team, Product & Service Project, Market, Global Strategy and Marketing, Business Model, Competitors, Intellectual property .... .

- As Business Analyst, I can support your Go/NoGo investment decisions 

- As Strategyst, I can search and find startups/companies that can enhance the value of your investee companies (M&A Operations)

Investing in privately-held companies, from Startups to SMEs, can seem very risky compared to real estate or exchange, but the yields of fund management firms such as Private Equity / Venture Capital clearly demonstrate the otherwise. I apply the same rigor as those companies to select and present the best businesses seeking capital.



Consulting in Innovation Strategy & Management requires scientific competence and an understanding of the relevant business, market and the specific innovative projects by nature risky.

I have the right background, a strong network and deep knowledge of the innovative start-ups and SMEs based in France, in the field of IT-Computer Science, E-Business, Software, Hardware, Telecom, High-tech, or Chemistry, Biotech-Pharmaceutics, Health & Scientific-Medical Device. 


From the idea to market, my mission will be to secure your entrepreneurial innovation.







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